CICI the Therapy Shepherd

Additional Information

CICI is a recent addition to the counseling team at M Kelly Ward Therapy Services!

CICI is a trained German Shepherd Born on June 22, 2018.  She has an innate ability to recognize stress and anxiety and act to calm and comfort individuals. She loves to run and play, but her favorite past time is sitting with her head in the lap of a client, while they pet her. 

Recently as a client left the office, she remarked, "I really like having your dog in here during the session. She just makes me feel calmer". 

Counseling Services



Many individuals suffer from depression. This can range from mild occasional sadness to chronic long term depression which can interfere with life. Wherever you are on the spectrum, you might benefit from counseling sessions. Contact us for a free phone consultation.


Trauma is a also on a spectrum and can affect anyone who has been in a wreck or had a near fatal experience, watched the death or near death of a person, suffered long term exposure to abuse, neglect, or other intolerable conditions. Sometimes the systems in our body intended to help us survive begin to work against us long after the event. This condition is often referred to as PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Contact us for a free phone consultation to see if you would benefit from trauma counseling.

Child & Adolescent

Children and teenagers face an ever increasing stressful world. From bullying to sexual or physical abuse, our children need to know there is help and hope. To see if your child or teenager would benefit from counseling services please contact us for a free phone consultation. 


Adoption can be a very rewarding experience. However for most adopted children, their past, time in foster care, or the initial time in the adoptive home is traumatic. Attachment is another one of those processes that exist on a continuum. An adopted child may have slight adjustment and attachment issues, or they may cause great disruption to the adoptive home. Either way, these children can benefit from attachment therapy. Kelly Ward is not only experienced in attachment therapy, he has been raising an adoptive son for over 12 years in his home. He knows first hand the challenges of Attachment Disorder along with the challenges of parenting an adopted child. 

Marriage & Relationships

Whether you are looking for pre marriage counseling or a marriage check up after years of being together, Kelly can help you navigate through the process of becoming closer. Additionally, services are offered for marriages that are facing difficulty or divorce. Those services include family therapy to help children cope with the challenges the parents are facing.

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For more information on any of these services or to schedule an appointment call or text us at 417-894-2071 or email